Monday, December 30, 2013


So the past week has been pretty unadventurous. I started the third trimester of my pregnancy which compounds my tiring easily so each day Ellie and I take a nap together. I have also been trying to increase the range of motion in my left shoulder, which is very uncomfortable and paired with the aches and pains of being pregnant has made me a little cranky.
The most challenging thing for me right now is the waiting. I have no idea how chemo will effect me, as it effects everyone differently. Being a major planner it is frustrating not being able to make plans as I have no idea how I will be feeling; will I be achy, tired, nauseated??
Rather than sit and dwell on the things I cannot control, I'm trying to let go. Trying to be productive while I feel good, playing tea party and legos and princesses and enjoying this time with my family before school starts again and Sam is not home.  With that I "Let It Go"

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