Monday, June 30, 2014

Radiation Complete!!

Today I finished #25 of my radiation treatments which was also my final one!! My skin is really angry with me as evidenced in this picture:
It looks like I tried to iron my clothes while they were on my body. Tomorrow I meet with my surgeon to discuss my right mastectomy and if I will have it with reconstruction or separately.

Last week we spent the week at a house right on the beach in Newport. I discovered that I can't hack it as a commuter even though it only took about 45 minutes to get from Newport to Ontario since I was going against traffic. Ellie loved the sand and the water and it was difficult to get her out and back to the house to eat or nap.

Cora is growing like a weed and has rolled over from stomach to back several times and back to stomach once. She will be four months old tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Peach Fuzz

Though it is difficult to see, I noticed this week that I have a fine layer of peach fuzz on my head!! 
This last weekend I walked in the La Habra Relay for Life. I was only able to walk three laps before becoming too tired. This made me realize that though I have lost the baby weight already, I am horribly out of shape!  So on Tuesday I registered for two different 1/2 marathons. One is down in Temecula the end of October and the other is the Star Wars race at Disneyland in January. I also made plans to start training with a friend of mine whose son is two days older than Cora, and her daughter is two says older than Ellie. 
A little about Relay...It was very surreal to walk the survivor lap and brought tears to my eyes that I can say I survived cancer. I walked holding Cora and Ellie walked next to me which made it more difficult to not start sobbing. Here are some pictures of race day. I made a luminaria for myself and for my Facebook group of moms who were diagnosed while pregnant. For those of you who don't know the Relay for Life events are 24 hour walks to raise funds for cancer research, since the walks are usually held at school sites there is not always a lit field so people can decorate paper bags that get lights in them to light the path during the dark hours.

My radiation treatments are now half way over (technically it will be half way in the middle of tomorrow's treatment) and it is becoming a literal pain in the neck. Having to lie on the hard table with my head to the side and my arms above my head for about 10 minutes (during positioning and treatment) hurts my neck. Each day it is a little worse which makes me very happy that I am almost done. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Radiation 1/3 done!

Today I had my 9th out of 25 radiation treatments. My skin is starting to look slightly sunburned on the radiated area but other than that I feel like I am getting back to my "normal" self. My energy is back, my taste buds are back, and no more nausea! I still have the neuropathy in my finger tips and my eyelashes and eyebrows are practically non-existent. The hair on my head is coming back very, very slowly.
Tomorrow I will participate in my first race as a survivor. I will be participating in the Relay for Life in La Habra as the Credit Union my mom just retired from did their fundraising in my honor. You can support me by donating using the following link

Here are updated pictures of the girls and I.