How to Help updated 9/9/14

How to Help

There has been a huge outpouring of love and support from our friends and family and we appreciate it more than we can ever express! Many are asking us how they can help or what they can do for us right now.

As most of you know Sam and I are both fiercely independent, but we both know that we are not in this alone either. Here are what our needs are right now, I will update as needed.

  • Your prayers, positive thoughts, etc. (see prayer request tab for details)
  • Trader Joe's gift cards this makes it easy for me to have people pick stuff from the store for me. 
  • Amazon gift cards for baby formula and baby food, as it is more difficult for me to make my own this time around. 

I'll be posting more as needs come up, we are still unsure what my treatment will look like so when we have more details we will adjust. 

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