Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I've Learned in 2 weeks

So in the last two weeks my daughter has taught me some valuable lessons.
Lesson 1: It doesn't matter how much reading you do or how much you prepare, babies have their own plan.So my plan was to bring Ellie home after a few short days in the hospital, she however wanted to get a tan in the phototherapy box instead. I wanted to breastfeed exclusively but in order to avoid the IV we supplemented with formula and now she is a "lazy sucker" and doesn't like the work it takes to get milk from me without assistance.
Lesson 2: Patience is a virtue I have far from mastered.No matter how patient I try to be while feeding I get frustrated when Ellie won't latch and just screams instead, it is right there!!! This leads to crying on my part if I haven't had a nap or a meal.
Lesson 3: Keep it simple stupid.
Several times already I have assumed that Ellie was hungry, but rather she needed a diaper change or to burp, much easier to fix given the feeding issues we are having.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Going Home


Saturday morning the pediatrician came in and asked us why Ellie was still in the phototherapy box, Sam and I looked at each other and told her we didn't know that she could come out. We immediately took her out so we could snuggle with her while the Dr. worked on getting her unplugged from everything. Our nurse started working on the discharge paperwork immediately and Sam and I started packing everything up and getting ready to go home!! As we were walking out I kept expecting them to come running after me telling me they had made a mistake and would have to take her back. Ellie was awake the whole ride home and was looking at everything she could.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ellie's Stay in the Phototherapy box

So after being admitted to pediatrics at 11pm on Thursday Sam and I were exhausted and set our alarms so we could wake up every 2 hours to feed Ellie in order to flush the Bilirunin out of her system as quickly as possible and without the aid of an IV. That day Ellie had blood taken every 8 hours to monitor her levels and when we found out at about 7:00am that we would be there another day we called Kathy (Sam's mom) to have her come sit with Ellie while we went home, showered and got clean clothes . We had to rush since the Occupational Therapist was due to visit Ellie and check out her sucking skills to ensure she was able to eat properly. Even though it was quick it was one of the best showers I ever took! We got back to the hospital moments after the Occupational Therapist came into to check on Ellie, she informed us that Ellie was feeding like a premie but other than that was fine, that was a relief.
My parents and grandma came that evening so that Sam and I could go to dinner it was nice but we really wanted to get back to our little girl by the time we were done eating. When we got back to the hospital the nurse told us that Ellie's levels were down and we should be able to go home on Saturday, we were so excited!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ellie's first days

So we were in postpartum, thinking that we may go home in the evening or possibly Thursday morning. We were so ready to bring Ellie home and get settled into a routine. We had lots of visitors throughout the day and caught cat-naps when we could. Since they hadn't done Ellie's test for jaundice we knew we would be there until Thursday.

In the morning when the nurse practitioner came to check on Ellie she told us that her Bilirubin levels were too high and she would have to be taken to the NICU as soon as a bed became available. They were also concerned with her eating so they checked her blood sugar levels on about every 4 hours. Finally at about 8:00pm they let us know that there was no room in the NICU so I would be discharged and you would be admitted to pediatrics so Ellie could spend some time in the phototherapy box. I was a little relieved since Sam and I would be able to go with Ellie to her room in pediatrics rather than having to take turns visiting her in NICU. I was officially discharged at around 11pm and all the nurses in pediatrics made such a fuss over Ellie and how cute she was. I was able to convince the doctors to wait on giving Ellie an IV for fluids by telling them my plan to pump, feed and then supplement with formula to keep her system moving and expelling the excess bilirubin.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Elisabeth Marie Sager Has Arrived!

So the Sager's are now officially a blogging family, mainly to keep everyone informed on the happenings of our newest family member. Here is the first part of her story (sorry it is rather detailed for some of my friends please don't get offended if it is TMI for you)...
May 4th, after timing my contractions for an hour (3-5 minutes apart) I called Kaiser, they told me to come in and I called Sam to come home. I loaded up the car and as soon as he was home we were off, after check (@12:00) in I saw the midwife she checked and was just about to say that I was only at 4cm and send me home. My body had other plans and my water broke, leading me to be admitted.
I was put in a Labor, Delivery, recovery room(@1:30). Wayne (Sam's dad, who works at Kaiser Fontana) had essentially taken off for the day so he hung out, next joined by Kathy (Sam's mom) and my parents. Everything was progressing nicely, I was 100% effaced when admitted and was dialating about 1cm an hour. After about 2 hours I was given an IV for pain, which only made me drowsy and feel drugged...I felt the contractions still too, so I opted for the epidural (@4:45).
It was a great distraction for me to have the family there as I was kept amused by there antics.
Once I was 9cm, the family left (@7:30) and I started pushing (@8:00). After 2 hours of pushing baby had decided she did not want to come out and had still not crowned and I was given 2 options, keep pushing or using the vacuum. I opted for the vacuum as I knew pushing would no longer be productive. The Dr. warned me that if the vacuum did not work I would have to go straight to the OR for a C-section. Luckily baby came out to be introduced without the need of the OR.
As the Dr. said "it's a girl" I was completely amazed, I had been so sure that it was going to be a boy, I wanted to ask if she was sure. Sam cut the cord and went with the nurse to make sure that everything was OK while I was stitched up (5 stitches-3rd degree tear for those moms out there). Once Ellie was checked out Sam and I got some uninterrupted time with her before the grandparents were able to come in. When we were ready for the grandparents to come meet her, Ellie got her shots and eye goop so she was set to be moved to our postpartum room.
Before Sam went out to tell the parents he sent a text that said "we have a baby" they were all dying to know if this was Elisabeth or Atticus. Once he went out to the waiting room he was almost attacked by all four grandparents, (Sam will add the rest of the story later).
There were many tears in the room as each grandparent was introduced to Ellie and held her for a while before they helped us move to our new room (@11:45)