Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ellie's Stay in the Phototherapy box

So after being admitted to pediatrics at 11pm on Thursday Sam and I were exhausted and set our alarms so we could wake up every 2 hours to feed Ellie in order to flush the Bilirunin out of her system as quickly as possible and without the aid of an IV. That day Ellie had blood taken every 8 hours to monitor her levels and when we found out at about 7:00am that we would be there another day we called Kathy (Sam's mom) to have her come sit with Ellie while we went home, showered and got clean clothes . We had to rush since the Occupational Therapist was due to visit Ellie and check out her sucking skills to ensure she was able to eat properly. Even though it was quick it was one of the best showers I ever took! We got back to the hospital moments after the Occupational Therapist came into to check on Ellie, she informed us that Ellie was feeding like a premie but other than that was fine, that was a relief.
My parents and grandma came that evening so that Sam and I could go to dinner it was nice but we really wanted to get back to our little girl by the time we were done eating. When we got back to the hospital the nurse told us that Ellie's levels were down and we should be able to go home on Saturday, we were so excited!!!

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  1. A special Angel, Prayers for complete health.