Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I've Learned in 2 weeks

So in the last two weeks my daughter has taught me some valuable lessons.
Lesson 1: It doesn't matter how much reading you do or how much you prepare, babies have their own plan.So my plan was to bring Ellie home after a few short days in the hospital, she however wanted to get a tan in the phototherapy box instead. I wanted to breastfeed exclusively but in order to avoid the IV we supplemented with formula and now she is a "lazy sucker" and doesn't like the work it takes to get milk from me without assistance.
Lesson 2: Patience is a virtue I have far from mastered.No matter how patient I try to be while feeding I get frustrated when Ellie won't latch and just screams instead, it is right there!!! This leads to crying on my part if I haven't had a nap or a meal.
Lesson 3: Keep it simple stupid.
Several times already I have assumed that Ellie was hungry, but rather she needed a diaper change or to burp, much easier to fix given the feeding issues we are having.


  1. You have learned in 2 weeks what takes most people much longer to learn and a lifetime to accept. Let her run your roost for a while. It will be worth it. Oh and stick with the breastfeeding. She will get the hang of it and you will be soooo happy you did. call me or message me if you have any questions or need a pick me up!

  2. yep- just wait... there is apparently more we moms have to learn from our littles!