Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ellie's First Vacation

Before Ellie was even born we planned a trip up to Lake Tahoe with the thought that we would need some time away and to see what it would be like traveling with a baby. Our original plan was to stop in Mammoth on the way up and the way down in order to help Ellie adjust to the altitude. Unfortunately, the stop on the way up couldn't happen so at 5:00am on June 6th we packed up the car and headed north. Ellie slept most of the way there so we stopped about 3 times to change and feed her (and ourselves) and made it up in only 9 hours. We stayed at Sam's parent's time share in Incline Village and had a fabulous time. Ellie does fabulously traveling, she is not fond of altitude as it gives her tummy troubles. Ellie is a great traveling companion and had a great first vacation!