Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ellie's first days

So we were in postpartum, thinking that we may go home in the evening or possibly Thursday morning. We were so ready to bring Ellie home and get settled into a routine. We had lots of visitors throughout the day and caught cat-naps when we could. Since they hadn't done Ellie's test for jaundice we knew we would be there until Thursday.

In the morning when the nurse practitioner came to check on Ellie she told us that her Bilirubin levels were too high and she would have to be taken to the NICU as soon as a bed became available. They were also concerned with her eating so they checked her blood sugar levels on about every 4 hours. Finally at about 8:00pm they let us know that there was no room in the NICU so I would be discharged and you would be admitted to pediatrics so Ellie could spend some time in the phototherapy box. I was a little relieved since Sam and I would be able to go with Ellie to her room in pediatrics rather than having to take turns visiting her in NICU. I was officially discharged at around 11pm and all the nurses in pediatrics made such a fuss over Ellie and how cute she was. I was able to convince the doctors to wait on giving Ellie an IV for fluids by telling them my plan to pump, feed and then supplement with formula to keep her system moving and expelling the excess bilirubin.

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