Sunday, December 15, 2013

Meg vs Cancer-Round 1

On December 13th, 2013 I went in to Kaiser, Fontana for a Left Modified Radical Mastectomy and a right port-a-cath placement (I had to say that several times to various people checking that I was the right person getting the right procedure). As we walked into the area where I needed to check-in my surgeon was there and let me know that they were running ahead of schedule.
I checked in, was processed and then seen to pre-op where they gave me a lovely purple paper gown to wear. A short time later I was introduced to Tiana, who would be Baby Sager's nurse for the entire procedure as well as 4-hours post surgery.
Because of baby Sager I did not get the traditional sedative that they give in pre-op to make sure you are asleep before you are wheeled into surgery, so I got a behind-the-scenes look at the OR and got to say hello to all my nurses. My surgery officially started at 1:13 ( lucky number)
My surgery was slated to take 90 minutes but the tumor was partially covered by a muscle so the Dr. had to snip the muscle to get the tumor and then sew me back up, also my veins are small so the port-a-cath placement took a little longer than anticipated. So when all was said and done my surgery took closer to 2 hours. Baby Sager did great, and was very excited when I got to eat around 7:00pm.
I was finally able to see my family at around 6:00 when I was moved to a room in the new hospital and was FINALLY able to drink some water, I was soooo thirsty! Due to low census, they cleared the wing I was on, so I was moved to a bigger room on the top floor for the night. My nurse, Karen, was amazing and I did my best to sleep which was made difficult with having to get up to pee about a million times.
Around 11 am the Dr. gave the OK for me to be discharged which meant actually leaving the hospital around 12:45 and getting home a little after 1. My Mom brought us lunch and my MIL brought Ellie and Princess home. Ellie's comment was "woah! that's a big booboo Mama!"  We were able to snuggle on my right side. I had a pretty mellow evening with some friends coming over to watch "White Christmas" with me and then had a really good nights sleep. Tylenol has been a great help in managing my pain and discomfort, the on-Q pump is also helping keep the surgery area numb.
I have a follow-up appointment with the surgeon on Thursday when I will hopefully get the pathology on the tumor and the results of my nodes.
Thank you all again for all of the wonderful cards, notes, messages and calls. Your support has helped me more than you could ever know!!!


  1. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Meg! Sending you lots of love and hugs! Chris van Straten

  2. Meg you are amazing to me.....I will be keeping you in prayer that God will heal you and keep your new baby safe and sound. Prayers also to Sam and Ellie that they will be a huge help to you. I know you are surrounded by a lot of wonderful people. Your mother and father in law are a great support system with a wealth of knowledge to help you as well. If you need anything, or Sam needs help...please let me know. God bless you and keep us posted. I will pray for you every day throughout the day.