Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Waiting Game

So today was my last day at work for a while. I had students I have never seen before coming into my room to say goodbye and give me a hug. My awesome co-workers all wore pink in support and sent me off in style with loads of books, gift cards and lots of love, prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery.
I had one appointment yesterday- my pre-op which was basically a yep you're having surgery on Friday and signing the consent for a left modified radical mastectomy and a right port-cath placement.

I had two appointments today (making it 9 appointments in 12 days).
The first was with a high-risk OB Dr. who was great at ensuring me that baby was going to be just fine and that he would be monitoring baby's growth on a monthly basis through ultrasound. This will be in addition to my regular OB appointments, for which I was able to get a new Dr. :)
My second appointment was with my surgeon to go over any other questions I had about surgery.
Now I just wait...
     Tomorrow will be a trip to Nordstrom's to be fitted for my prosthetic bra, a trip to my district office to get all my disability paperwork figured out, an appointment to get my haircut and taking Ellie to the dentist.
     Thursday will be last minute errand running and waiting for the phone call to tell me what time I need to check in for surgery. Until then, I have some amazing pictures of Baby S to stare at...it seems we will have a thumb-sucker with this one...

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