Friday, December 20, 2013


I had my follow-up appointment with the surgeon yesterday and got the full pathology of my tumor.
Here's what we learned
    - The surgeon got all the tumor :) (with good margins!)
    - The tumor measured 5.2 cm and was classified as a invasive ductal carcinoma
    - Of the 12 lymph nodes he took by the tumor 9 came back positive.
    - Of the 6 lymph nodes he took based on feel (if they were enlarged he took them out) all 6 came back positive
    - Because 15/18 came back positive I will be going through radiation after chemo.
    - Based on the size of the tumor and the lymph node involvement, they have staged me at stage 3
    - I can shower!!!!! Hurray!!!!!
    - I have to have my drain in for another 2 weeks :(

I also had an appointment with my new OB which went really well. Everything looks good and baby is measuring just as s/he should. I got my glucose test out of the way as well as my blood draw for the genetic testing.

I see my oncologist again on the 24th to decide when I will start Chemo.

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