Monday, December 2, 2013

On the Road to Clarity

So we (Baby S and I) had our first appointment at Kaiser Fontana today. We met with the RN in the Breast Care Clinic to go over a ton of information, I brought my entourage which included both my parents, my mother-in-law and Sam (my hubby). It was a good thing I had so many extra sets of ears because I sure got a lot of information.
We know that I have Adenocarcinoma and it is Triple-negative. It will respond best to Chemo, my tumor is about 4.2 cm. (smaller than I originally thought). Staging is not an option right now because it requires radiation which is off limits as long as Baby Sager is in residence.
I found out about wigs, reconstruction, the port-catheter, support groups, disability, recovery, protheses, and got lots and lots of reading materials. Plus the nurse we met with is going to work on finding me a new OB who is interested/willing to take on my case, so I don't have to fire my old OB, she'll do it for me :)
I also now have an oncology appointment on Friday as well as a genetics appointment. The first is where will we find out exactly what course of treatment we will go down, the second I will find out if I carry the BRCA mutation or not (Angelina Jolie doesn't seem as crazy to me now).
The one thing that was clearer than anything today was what amazing co-workers I have! When I got to work today someone had copied my motto, laminated them and put them in all teacher's boxes. One thing I know I will not have to worry about is my students while I am out (Baby and I don't need any extra germs...and as most of us know middle schooler's don't have the best hygiene habits) as my fabulous Serrano team will ensure they are in good hands.

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