Saturday, November 30, 2013


The beginning of October, I noticed a small lump in my left breast that was tender to the touch, it was the same spot where I had mastitis while nursing Ellie three years ago, so thought it was related to that. I mentioned it to my OB at my October appointment anyway and he said he would order an ultrasound. After the appointment I got a call from the radiology department that my Dr. had put in for a mammogram and they don't do mammograms on pregnant women. So, they canceled the order and requested that he put in another, which he did...for another mammogram...I was finally able to get an ultrasound appointment on Tuesday, November 26th. After the ultrasound the Dr. who saw me ordered a biopsy of both the lump and the lymph nodes as well as a mammogram. Let me just say it is cruel enough to smash a pregnant woman's sensitive boobs for a mammogram but it is even worse to slice them and then do it.
I had been told that I would hear in about a week from a surgeon to go over my results... I got a call on Wednesday, asking if I could come in on Friday. Sam and I left Ellie with the grandparents and went to my appointment, thinking it was something related to the mastitis in 2010. When the surgeon came in he very calmly stated that the biopsy came back positive for cancer, in both the lump and the lymph node.  Sam and I looked at each other in shock, the Dr. then continued to outline the plan... As of right now I have two options for the surgery scheduled on the 13th of December
1) Have a modified radical mastectomy and insert a port-catheter for chemo
2) Just insert the port-catheter
All the research I have done says that 1 in every 1,000 pregnant women get cancer and that most Dr's will only ever see 1 maybe 2 cases in their entire career. So I have done lots of research and am prepared with case studies and journal articles if necessary. We still have not set an official course of treatment but from all the research Sam and I have done- which if you know us you know it has been extensive in the short time we have had- there are certain chemo drugs that will be safe for baby, I have already found a support group on Facebook with mama's who are pregnant and undergoing cancer treatments.
I have appointments scheduled for
- Breast Care Clinic Monday 12/2
- Pre-Op Monday 12/9
- Q & A with my surgeon 12/10
- Surgery 12/13
I will still be scheduling an appointment with Oncology sometime before the 13th.
Here are the things that we know as of right now
- I have triple-negative breast cancer which means that hormone therapy is not an option
- We will do everything possible to carry Baby Sager full term (at least 37 weeks)
- I have an amazing support system!
- This is going to be my motto

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