Monday, January 6, 2014

Funny Stuff

So through this journey there have been several moments where I couldn't help but laugh

- You always hear about people who get limbs amputated experiencing phantom pains. Well about a week after surgery it felt like my left nipple was itchy even though it was gone...go figure.
- After my bandages came off so the steri-strips were showing, Ellie would ask to see my booboo, she would then proceed to tell me it was a "big booboo" and whine that it was scary. Inevitably an hour later she would want to see it again.  At about three weeks out she decided that it was silly so she would still laugh and then laugh hysterically after seeing the incision sight (still covered with steri-strips)
- About 4 days post surgery, Sam's grandparents came for a visit. It was about 80 degrees (that's December in SoCal) so it was really hot with the bandages, camisole and shirt on, plus I had the pillow in the camisole, so I was burning up! During the visit I reached in and took the pillow out and I guess Grandpa's face was just priceless :)
- Shaving a numb's just weird.

Something not so funny...laughing it hurts like please don't make me laugh...yet.

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