Monday, January 20, 2014

On the Upswing

So it has been a while....
The first day after Chemo, Saturday, I felt tired but not too bad, I had to drink a ton of water and though wasn't feeling hungry, I made myself eat.
The second day, Sunday,  I was hit by the exhaustion train, I spent the whole day either sleeping or lounging on the couch. I had absolutely no energy.
The third and fourth days, Monday and Tuesday I slowly got energy back and was able to do little things around the house as long as I rested after each one.
By Wednesday I was able to do a bit more, and by Thursday a bit more, etc.
So today, ten days after chemo we went in to see the High Risk OB. He measured Baby S, who is measuring just fine! Baby S is 4lb 4oz, has plenty of amniotic fluid and is doing wonderfully. Last appointment we got to see baby gag him/herself and this time we got to see baby become completely shocked, eyes and mouth opened was really funny.
Surprised Baby!

So peaceful now :)

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