Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Clear Scan!!!! And what is a PET scan?

I got the call earlier this afternoon that my PET scan is all clear!!!
This means we will monitor the spots on my liver with regular CT scans. I will know more about that schedule when I see my oncologist for my one-month follow-up on the 23rd.
Tomorrow I have a consult with my radiation oncologist to determine my timeline for radiation so will post another update tomorrow.
Now for a bit about the PET scan I had on Monday...
So I outlined in this post the rules I had to follow the few days and hours before the test. Kaiser Fontana only does PET scans on Mondays and I found out why. After they called me back they led me out of the hospital to a loading dock where this truck was waiting.
As soon as I walked in I kinda felt like I was involved in a S.H.I.E.L.D. operation, everything was in the trailer. They lead me to a small room with a comfy chair where they tested my blood sugar and then injected me with radioactive sugar from a lead syringe. 
I then had to rest for half an hour to ensure the dye was properly distributed throughout my body. Next they let you go to the restroom, which is back in the hospital and then have you lay down on the table for the CT type scan. 

After that it was just like the CT scan and bone scan I had the tube you see is about 2.5 feet thick and the table slides you in and out according to the pictures they need. In my case I had pictures taking from the base of my skull to the middle of my thigh. The radioactive sugar causes any cancer cells to "light up" on the pictures giving the Dr.s a very clear picture of where the cancer may be in your body. 


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