Saturday, May 17, 2014

A New "Normal"

This week I went back to work for the final 8 days of school. My students were thrilled to see me and I was thrilled to be somewhere other than home!  I found out on Monday afternoon that I got the job I had applied for the end of April. This has been my "dream job" for the last few years as it involves working with teachers to grow and refine the AVID program in our district. The woman who previously held the position was a fabulous role model for me and I hope that she absolutely LOVES retirement!!!

I must admit that by Thursday I was completely exhausted and my left arm had started to swell indicating lymphedema. Friday I started wearing my compression sleeve and have seen some improvement but will be asking my oncologist about it next Friday.

Friday I also had my appointment to be tattooed for radiation. This involved me getting six freckle sized tattoos to outline the area that will receive radiation starting the 27th. If you look at the middle of the picture below you can see the tattoo that is on the middle of my sternum.

Next Friday I see Dr. Miller, my oncologist for my one month follow-up. I can't believe it has already been one month since my last chemo!! 

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