Tuesday, April 22, 2014


So I haven't updated in a while, sorry. So here are a bunch of mini-updates :)

My second biopsy came back clean!!! This means I will have a PET scan on 5/5 at 10:30. The PET scan is a more intense version of the CT scan.  The restrictions go like this
48 hours before- no exercise
24 hours before- no caffeine or alcohol
12 hours before- low carb diet
6 hours before- only water it is suggested that I drink 16-48 oz
I then have to allow 1-3 hours for the scan
After the scan I have to stay away from the girls for 8 hours as I will once again be radioactive.

My last Chemo is this Friday!!!!!!! This last round I was definitely feeling the cumulative effect of the treatments, so I am super excited that this is the last one! I should know Friday more about my radiation schedule, when it begins, how many rounds, etc.

I got my new prostheses on Wednesday and it seems weird to have two boobs again, especially when I can't feel one of them. Insurance covered the prostheses and three new bras.

We had a great Easter with lots of family, friends and food! We went to brunch followed by dinner at my parents house and had a great time!

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  1. Meg, you don't know me but I worked with your Dad at the PD. He has posted your updates on FB. You are such an inspiration to women! Going through this dreaded disease with strength, a sense of humor and with your head held high. God bless you and your family.