Sunday, April 6, 2014

Meg vs Cancer round 6

This last week was a crazy one!
Tuesday night we were able to join some good friends in their suite at the Angels game, Ellie had a blast cheering on the home team and Cora looked adorable in her new Angels gear
New Angels fan
Wednesday I went into Kaiser for lab work pre-biopsy and pre-chemo and picked up my chemo scrips. Since my in-laws had the girls, I made a much overdue Costco trip, a trip to Kohl's and to Babies-R-Us to return some duplicate gifts.

Thursday I had to check into Kaiser Fontana at 7:00 for my 9:00 biopsy. I was called back at about 7:45 to get me IV and check in. The appointment before me checked in late and in the wrong place so I got to go in early! (Less waiting is always good) For this procedure, they take extra pictures with the CT scan and use an ultrasound to ensure they have the correct spot for the biopsy. They then numb the area with Lidocaine and give me a light sedation, as I have to be able to control my breathing. Since your liver is near your lungs, if you take a breath at the wrong time you can mess up the whole procedure. After the Lidocaine they puncture between the ribs and take several samples of the areas of concern. After that I was taken back to recovery where they monitored my blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen levels for 4 hours to ensure no internal bleeding. Overall the procedure was not as bad as I expected and I left with a bandaid over the biopsy site.
Best way to recover from a biopsy!
Friday was back to Kaiser at 8:15 for round 5 of Chemo and to meet with my Oncologist, Dr. Miller. Realistically given the node involvement when I had my tumor out (15/18) it would be pretty shocking if my "spots of concern" were not cancer. And if they are not cancer, they are something else and that would mean more biopsies and tests to determine what they are. So given that the plan for if they are cancerous is to finish my last round of TAC Chemo on the 25th of April and then begin another round of just the Taxotere.
The lab didn't run two of the tests on my blood on Wednesday so I had to have a blood draw and wait for results before starting my Chemo regime for the day, but once we got started it went pretty quickly and I was home by 2.
Waiting for the blood work to come back, & getting some fluids while I'm at it.
This week I should get my biopsy results on Tuesday or Wednesday and I have my post baby OB appt on Tuesday. After which I hope to have a two week hiatus from Kaiser!

On another note, my good friend Kate Huffman nominated me to be the honorary Bat Girl for the Angels on Mothers Day. You can vote once a day using the link below. You can find my entry under Kate's name as she nominated me :)
Angel's Bat Girl Voting

I hope you all have a fabulous week and I will post again as soon as I have biopsy results. Your prayers, thoughts and support mean the world to us!!!

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