Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Biopsy take 2

So my oncologist called on Monday to tell me that the spot on my liver did not show evidence of cancer. Great news! But also slightly confusing. Confusing in major part because I had such major lymph node involvement from surgery (15/18) The spot did show scar tissue which could be due to chemo. Because of this oddity, my oncologist has requested an additional biopsy, just to be sure.

So on Friday 4/11, I will go in for another liver biopsy. I check in at 7, procedure at 9 and then monitored for 4 hours for internal bleeding.

If this biopsy comes back clean as well, my last Chemo will be 4/25. We will then figure out when I will start radiation and start looking at when my reconstruction will be.

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