Saturday, February 22, 2014

Meg vs. Cancer Round 4

So yesterday was Chemo #3, that means I'm half way through! It was also the last Chemo with Baby S. on board.  I technically have 3 weeks, 5 days left but Baby's head is very low, and I have been having contractions for a little over a week now, so I am just hoping that Baby can hold off until next week, as Sam is headed to Sacramento Thursday-Sunday as part of a team to receive an award for our school. Everything is ready to go!

Last Chemo as a team
It is crazy to think that this crazy journey started just three months ago, it has flown by! Talking to the Dr. yesterday I will have two scans about a month after Baby S. has arrived to stage the cancer. So when Baby is a month old I will have a CT scan and a bone scan. Two weeks after baby is born I will resume Chemo, same treatment as I am currently getting.
My port all hooked up and doing its job!
This week my treatment took a little longer as the Chemo suite was packed! There were several new patients in this week. My nurse was looking out for me and saved one of the private rooms for me. Not that I really need the privacy, but it has a private bathroom and with all the fluids they give me and the water I have to drink, I have to get up and pee every 30 minutes or so. This is much easier when the bathroom is across from me instead of down the hall especially since my IV pole has to go with me.
My IV set up, and bathroom buddy.
Last round I was feeling better so started doing things on Tuesday-Wednesday of the following week and then I was beat again. This week I am determined to take it easy this whole week so that next week isn't as bad. It is difficult to stay home and rest when you feel good and capable of doing things. Staying at home helps though when you have this as entertainment...


  1. First.. Ellie is so precious. I would NEVER go back to work with this going on!!
    Second.. YOU are amazing!!! You will be ( unfortunately !) back to work, and perfectly healthy soon enough!!!
    Andi Mallen

  2. Ellie and Summer should hang out, she sings this song all the time too! So cute! Glad to see you are doing so well. Hope to see you soon!!! I keep praying for you Meg! Keep up your strength and keep on being positive...attitude is always 90% of everything!!!