Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Long overdue post

So on Thursday 9/25, I went in for my blood work as a follow-up/ pre-appointment for my first round of the new chemo. This was to see my liver and blood count before starting round 2. When they took my vitals my 02 was super low, I was having trouble breathing and I had a fever of 100.3, so my oncologist sent me to the ER. I was admitted immediately and the tests began. I had a chest x-ray, two leg ultra-sounds to check for blood clots, an ultra sound on my liver again to look for any fluids. I then had a CT scan to look at my liver and abdominal area. They drew several vials of blood to look for infection and to check my liver levels. I was placed on oxygen to help me breathe.
Waiting in the ER for a bed
My liver levels were raised, my WBC and others were super low indicating infection, I was immediately given antibiotics through an IV and a blood transfusion was ordered. Basically,  over the following five days, I had x-rays, ultrasounds, a total of 4 blood transfusions, various different antibiotics and whatever possible to bring my liver levels down and blood levels up

I had a pureed food diet, just like Cora. 
Finally, on Monday, the Drs decided my infection had cleared and that I could go home on oxygen. After they told us that, it took about 5 hours for us to actually be discharged and get home. 

We know that everyone is very eager to help us and our family right now, but currently, I am just trying to gain my strength back, we are trying to keep everyone germ free and are doing our best to keep things normal for Ellie and Cora. Currently the freezer is full of meals and as we see a need for more we will set up a meal train so people can help. 
Thank you for all your support!

Meg, Sam, Ellie and Cora.

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  1. Always praying for you Meg. When you need something just call. You will be better soon.