Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Warning ~ this is one of my longer blog posts ~ sorry-not sorry~ I've been busy

So the healing process has been underway for some time but in the last few weeks it has become more visible.
My hair is coming back to the point were I now have bedhead when I wake up. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful my hair is coming back but really, what would you do with half an inch of hair that won't cooperate. There is no product that works with such short hair, so I now have several fedoras that I wear to help the situation. I also have more hair than Cora now!!
Photo cred- Ellie Sager

In terms of my skin healing I have a ways to go. It got really bad, then much better, it looks really good now but, it is still pealing and feels leathery (and looks like I tried to iron myself). I was super thankful through this process that I still have no feeling under my arm as that is where the burn looked the worst.

Radiaiton burn 3 weeks after end of treatment

I saw my plastic surgeon (yep, I have one of those now too) and we are hoping for right mastectomy/reconstruction next summer. The reconstruction option I am going with is called DIEP flap reconstruction.  And while I joke that it means I get the "mommy make-over" for "free" It is so much more than that. Here is a brief article that highlights the differences Breast Reconstruction Isn't a Boob Job. I'm not exactly known for holding back on this blog so why start now, right?  The DIEP flap reconstruction will involve one plastic surgeon and two micro surgeons working for twelve hours on removing my right breast (tissue and skin) then removing skin and tissue (fat) from my mid-section to transfer to my chest in order to fashion new breasts which will also include them connection blood vessel to blood vessel (hence the need for two micro-surgeons). My recovery will involve 4-5 days in the ICU so the nurses can monitor me, my healing and so I can be in a temperature controlled room 24/7 (I've been told it will be about 80 degrees). After that I will have a 6-8 week recovery time during which I will have weight lifting restrictions (meaning no lifting Cora) I will also have normal looking boons to you but to Sam and I they will look like they belong on the female version Frankenstein- no nipples and lots of scarring. I have not yet decided if I will get nipple tattoos, decorative tattoos or just leave them be. So again, while I joke about my "mommy make-over" it is really far from the truth.  And yes it is all free if you consider the $1200 a month premium (above and beyond what our employer covers), recovery from two major surgeries, 6 rounds of chemo and 25 rounds of radiation isn't payment.

I started my new job last week and am working a few days this week before going back full swing next Monday. I LOVE it!!! I get to work with amazing people and I get to support teachers in my district in an area I am super passionate about! This has been my dream job for the past few years and it couldn't have opened up at a better time. This job will allow me some flexibility in hours so I can make all my Dr. appts without having to take time off or find another teacher to cover my classes.
First of 5 days of presentations to the fabulous teachers of OMSD
For my other job, Thirty-One bags, I'm back in the game!  I definitely made my business take a back seat during active treatment, but I am so ready to get back into it. This company is amazing!! This year I was able to earn my conference registration for free so Sam and I decided that we would go and make a little family vacay out of it. We left Cora behind with Nana and Grandpa and Ellie, Sam and I headed to Colorado. For three days I got to hang out and learn from the most amazing women. I learned how to grow my business and use my time more wisely. If you want to shop or want more info on this wonderful company check it out on My Site. (shameless plug)  The conference really helped me feel more confident in getting back to business and every so thankful that I my business on the back burner instead of just letting it go.
Leigh Anne Tuohy- played by Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side

I got to stuff bags for women in shelters all over the world for World Vision

The AMAZING ladies I got to hang out with from all over (primarily CA and TX) 
After the conference, we spent a few more days checking out museums and the zoo before heading home. Ellie had a fabulous time and LOVES riding on a plane.

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